What is the main difference between a dealer and a box store?

The difference becomes more apparent once there is a problem or question about the equipment you purchased.

    • Dealers tend to sell better quality goods than Box Stores.
    • A Dealer has a vested interest in taking care of a customer who buys their goods.
      • Has trained staff on hand to support what they sell.
      • Goes through training to have a better understanding of what they are selling.
      • Assembles and services the equipment they sell.
      • Will check for and fix problems with new equipment, prior to or upon the sale.
      • Will give you a quick education on use and care.
      • The equipment is ready to use when you get it home.
    • If a problem comes up after you get it home, a Dealer will jump right onto a solution.
    • Dealers offer priority service to customers who buy from them.
    • A dealer will have a good stock of support parts on hand.
    • If a part is not in stock, a Dealer will order it in a timely manner.
    • A Dealer has a mechanic to provide faster turn-around on equipment they’ve sold.