Engine Parts

Unless you already know your part number, it’s important to have the following information to to properly look up parts for your engine.

        • Model number
        • Type or spec number
        • Serial number

  • Parts are not all the same. The reason is that engine manufacturers build engines for different applications; therefore, certain parts may differ. For example:

        • Carburetors
        • Charging systems
        • Air filters

  • Tip: Some parts cannot be returned, such as electrical parts. By having your engine information handy, you will save time, aggravation, and money.

Equipment Parts

As with engines, equipment parts can differ. Model and Serial numbers are an important way to make sure you’re buying the correct part for your machine. Many parts are unique for every brand, model name, and year built.

Where do I find my model number?

Depending on the brand and when it was built, you will find the model number in different places. When you purchase a new piece of equipment, your dealer should have a record of the equipment model and serial number. If you can’t get the information from your dealer, equipment models can be found in the following places:

Mowers and other equipment:

    • Underneath the seat.
    • On the frame, either near the seat or under the engine area.
    • The base of the deck.

For engines:

    • A sticker is usually on the shroud that covers the top of the engine.
    • The information may be etched on the block.
    • Overhead valve engines may have the information stamped on the valve cover.
    • On older engines, the information is stamped on a tag or shroud.
    • Smaller engines may have the information stamped on a plate that is over the muffler.