Where do I find my model number?

Depending on the brand and when it was built, you will find the model number in different places. When you purchase a new piece of equipment, your dealer should have a record of the equipment model and serial number. If you can’t get the information from your dealer, equipment models can be found in the following places:

Mowers and other equipment:

    • Underneath the seat.
    • On the frame, either near the seat or under the engine area.
    • The base of the deck.

For engines:

    • A sticker is usually on the shroud that covers the top of the engine.
    • The information may be etched on the block.
    • Overhead valve engines may have the information stamped on the valve cover.
    • On older engines, the information is stamped on a tag or shroud.
    • Smaller engines may have the information stamped on a plate that is over the muffler.