Why doesn’t my local dealer want to perform a warranty repair for something I bought elsewhere?

Dealers prefer not to perform warranty work on equipment that they didn’t sell for many reasons.

  • Because your local dealer didn’t service the unit when it was purchased, they’re not able to judge who’s at fault when a repair is not a warrantable issue. This puts that local dealer in a tough spot when they have to explain why a repair isn’t free to the customer. Non-warranty issues include:
    • Non-starting due to fuel issues.
    • Problems due to lack of proper maintenance.
    • Seller didn’t review proper operation of the equipment with the Customer.
    • Damage or non-working issues caused by improper assembly.
    • Abuse or neglect (Some sellers leave new equipment out in the weather, which can cause issues).
  • Because dealers may not have enough resources to take care of warranty work for equipment bought elsewhere; and still be able to offer fast quality service for their loyal customers.
  • Because dealers lose money when performing a warranty repair. Manufacturers only cover the bare minimum and don’t take into consideration the time taken besides the mechanic for work performed outside of the actual repair time. For example:
    • The service writer who takes in your equipment.
    • The parts department that looks up and orders the repair parts.
    • The clerk who may spend time educating you on how to care for and use the equipment.
    • The data entry clerk that processes the claim.

Tip: A reputable dealer who sells you a product is more likely to offer superior service before and after the sale. They know their product and want their customers to stay satisfied with their purchase.